What Ever Happened To Fair Play?

Mim DiNapoli | November 23, 2013.

It was hardly a surprise to see India walk away from the Climate Action Network booth last night with a Fossil of the Day certificate tucked under one arm. Much like their performance in last Ashes test match against Australia, another high-ranking Fossil of The Day performer, other candidates were no match for India in blocking progress in negotiations.

During Wednesday night’s ADP session, India stalled discussions on equity by blocking South Africa’s proposal on the equity reference framework. India also called for the cancelation of the equity workshop at the upcoming ADP session in Bonn. This move came despite only two years ago committing their allegiance to equity as a central tenant of the negotiations during climate talks in Doha.

What ever happened to fair play?


By Mim DiNapoli, photo by Laura Owsianka.


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