We’re in Rio!

Linh Do | June 19, 2012.

When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio, de Janeiro.

 When the world can’t go on sustainably we go to Rio, de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a city that captivates the hearts and souls of those who visit it. Twenty years ago when the Earth Summit was hosted here, Rio captivated the world. It kick started conversations about sustainable development, the UNFCCC was born here with other environmental treaties. Importantly, the movement  to create a better future also begun here. That better future hasn’t materialised yet though. Twenty years on, sustainable development is still an aspirational goal. Climate change is ever increasing, biodiversity loss rates are accelerating and people are still being born into poverty. Rio+20, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, is meant to place the world on to the right track. Governments, business and civil society have been working towards this historic moment for years. Yet, in 2012 it isn’t the main news story. The media is dominated by stories about the Queen’s diamond jubilee, the Olympics or the never ending financial crises. If sustainable development isn’t achieved, it will become the root of every news story in the future as both people and planet suffer. The Verb team are back in full force to keep you abreast of the developments here in Rio. Linh Do and Tim Hall return to lead the team and they are joined by an array of global contributors: Sam Bowstead, Lachie McKenzie, Karuna Rana, Cécile Schneider and Genevieve Stewart. They will be producing everything from award winning analysis, live blogs, satire videos and photo essays. Sustainable development cannot occur in isolation, so follow along and join in the discussion. — The Verb team PS. Here is a video introduction:

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