The Marrakech Action Proclamation

Andres Fuentes | November 17, 2016.

A year from Paris, governments have gathered in Marrakech to put the Paris Agreement into action. The high-level segment of ministers presented a statement titled the Marrakech Action Proclamation.

The statement largely presented platitudes on climate change. It highlighted the rapid ratification of the Paris Agreement, something that was completed in less than a year, and reiterated many talking points on increasing ambition without any concrete commitments being presented.

The statement calls on governments to bring political commitment combat climate change and reaffirms the US$100 billion commitment first made in Copenhagen, six years ago. It is also being seen as an affirmation that global action on climate change will continue regardless of recent US election results.

The proclamation also calls on increased ambition pre-2020, something civil society groups had hoped to see movement on at COP22, but has not yet gained traction.

One notable aspect was the call for parties to ratify the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol.

The outcomes of COP22 are still being negotiated behind closed doors, but the COP that was labeled as an action COP has so far delivered more rhetoric than action, something reflected in the Marrakech Action Proclamation. 

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