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Forrest Watkins | November 11th, 2016

Attendees were due for a rebound as UN climate negotiations enter into its fourth day in Marrakech. With the previous day being spent digesting the shocking results of the US

Who’s Saying What on Trump

Forrest Watkins | November 10th, 2016

Emotions ran high as dawn broke in Marrakech, Morocco and media sources began to call the American election for Donald Trump. Delegates to the UN climate conference and civil society

Communicating Hope: Interview With Professor Sheila Jasanoff

Hamza Tahiri | December 7th, 2015

Many people feel overwhelmed about climate change. Graphs and statistics obscure the bigger picture that our atmosphere is becoming less hospitable to human life. Science is about impersonal observation, not a lived

Can Brazil Save the Amazon?

Cécile S | November 22nd, 2013

Brazil’s recent efforts to curb its deforestation have all but increased in the past year. Known as the world’s lungs, the Amazon is one of the biggest carbon sinks. With

Ban Ki-Moon Summit Announced

S Neelakantan | November 21st, 2013

As the Warsaw UN climate change negotiations comes to an end, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s leaders summit on climate change has formally been announced. Robert Orr, assistant general-secretary of strategic planning,

Connecting The Dots For Tomorrow’s Agriculture

Cécile S | November 20th, 2013

The Global Landscape Forum highlighted how young people are involved in sustainable agriculture. Original ideas were put forward by engaged young entrepreneurs; including a tree-planting project for ex-soldiers in Uganda,

Sex and the Climate: Behind Closed Doors

Nagida Clark | March 27th, 2012

In discussions of climate change, a topic is making grown adults squirm in their seats. Heads of state, health professionals and high-level negotiators alike shy away from mentioning it. The

Leaders Plan for Change at Climate Convention

Tim Hall | March 26th, 2012

Over two days in December 2011, while world leaders discussed global co-operation on climate change at the 17th annual Conference of the Parties (COP) climate change negotiations – also known