Our Story

The Verb is a newswire service telling the stories that matter.

The Verb provides in depth analysis of issues overlooked, misunderstood or overly simplified and underrepresented in traditional media. Issues that matter, and issues that demand a better debate.

We’re disrupting the media cycle on the issues that matter. Articles from The Verb have appeared in Al Jazeera, Reuters, The Huffington Post, Crikey, Jezebel and SciDev. We actively work to form partnerships with media publications. You can syndicate our content.

The Verb’s strength comes from its writers’ varied perspectives and extensive knowledge. With representation across five continents, developed and developing nations, North and South and over 17 countries, The Verb is a globally connected organisation.

Our team are active participants in society, industry, academia, government and non-government organisations; and reflect this experience in their articles. Our writers aren’t often journalists by training. We thrive on a culture of growth and challenge. You can join us.

Our bias is towards the environment.

Our writers interview key stakeholders and provide context for their perspectives in order to give readers a comprehensive and concise account of the competing interests at play. Each writer maintains their unique perspective, with the editorial style favouring the competition of ideas and the advocacy of solutions. We write about the solutions, not just the problem.

Within the UNFCCC process, The Verb’s broader philosophy challenges people to overcome passivity and pessimism and strive for collective and active participation in the world’s global problems. The Verb’s writers focus on solutions to the problems of negotiation. They aim to give the reader a portal into high level negotiations on diverse topics. From climate change to urban planning, women’s health to transport, Verb articles highlight the key interests at play and advocate solutions.

Allowing the reader to understand whose interests are being represented is a core aim of The Verb. We aim to answer the questions: who is asking for what, why, and how can they agree?

You can follow our work through our stories and the VerbHQ blog or join us.

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The Verb is about telling the stories that matter. Operating as an international newswire on environmental issues, The Verb is a group of emergent professionals bringing their technical expertise of environmental issues into the media and communications space. Reporting from various postings across the globe, The Verb has representation in over 17 countries and media partnerships with the Huffington Post, Reuters Foundation and Al Jazeera.