Climate Skeptics on Hunger Strike

Jeremiah B | August 12, 2014.

The Climate Sceptic Coalition is going on a hunger strike in a radical new move. CSC spokesman, and renowned sceptic, William T. Power outlined the reasons behind the move in a statement to the media:

“It’s really about coherency in outlook. If there was one thing that David Hume taught us, it was that we definitely can’t know anything for certain. We can’t know that climate change is one hundred percent real. In the same vein, we can’t know for certain that any piece of food is not poisonous. Sure there might be evidence to the contrary in both instances, but that doesn’t conclusively prove anything. You can’t conclusively prove anything.”

“What’s the confidence interval on climate science? Do you know how many people get food poisoning on a daily basis? I don’t have the figures with me, but frankly, I would be sceptical of them anyway.”

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