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Having always maintained a keen interest on environmental issues, Su-Kim has recently turned her attention to the role of business. With The Verb, Su-Kim will be shedding light on the role of the private sector.

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Rhetoric and Fossils

Su-Kim M | November 17th, 2016

Three Fossil of the Day awards were given to countries not quite walking the talk in Marrakech.

The Green Climate Fund Demystified

Su-Kim M | November 14th, 2016

A state of play on where the Green Climate Fund is at.

Doh(a)! The Tale of the Forgotten Amendment

Su-Kim M | November 14th, 2016

With all eyes on the Paris Agreement, are we neglecting pre-2020 climate action?

Adaptation Finance

Su-Kim M | November 10th, 2016

Halfway through the first week of COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, climate finance has already firmly cemented its place in the list of most-talked-about issues. In the negotiations, countries have discussed

Better Late than Never, Australia Ratifies the Paris Agreement

Su-Kim M | November 10th, 2016

A little late, but happy to be there: Australia ratifies the Paris Agreement. The Australian government announced today that they have officially ratified the Paris Agreement, six days after it came into

US Election Trumps All Other Matters

Su-Kim M | November 9th, 2016

How did COP22 respond to the announcement that Donald Trump is the president-elect?