Waterloo, Canada

About Andres Fuentes

Ambitious, curious, compassionate. Andrés counts working with the 2008 Obama campaign as his political highlight, and he has worked on countless campaigns since. He has worked internationally as well, doing a stint as a child labour prevention program in Nicaragua. Born in Mexico, Andrés this Canadian works with the student union at the University of Waterloo. Andrés writes for The Verb because he wants to influence the UNFCCC process through specialised media coverage by bringing the stories that matter most to the people who can effect change. He writes on education, Canada, and Latin America.

Latest from Andres Fuentes

Vulnerable Nations Pave a Moral Path to 1.5

Andres Fuentes | November 18th, 2016

The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) launched its Marrakech Vision on the last day of the UN climate talks, explaining how its members would both fight climate change and better the

The Marrakech Action Proclamation

Andres Fuentes | November 17th, 2016

The Marrakech Action Proclamation and what that means for COP22.

Climate March Shows Divergence Towards Climate Justice

Andres Fuentes | November 15th, 2016

Thousands marched in the streets of Marrakech, Morocco on November 13, as ministers began to arrive for the high-level segment of the climate change negotiations. Local and global activist groups

COP22: Steady She Goes

Andres Fuentes | November 8th, 2016

The second day of COP22, the UN climate talks, continued with little fanfare. Unlike previous conferences that were often rife with tension or fireworks, delegates spent the day familiarising themselves

Audacity and Ambition on Climate

Andres Fuentes | December 9th, 2015

Tony de Brum, foreign minister of the Marshall Islands, puts his position on climate negotiations bluntly: “I still refuse to go home from Paris without an agreement that allows me

Roadblocks to Climate Deal Appear Over Responsibilities and Finance

Andres Fuentes | December 4th, 2015

On Thursday, the third day of the Paris climate summit, the energy and optimism infused by the heads of state opening session was blunted by the reality that parties still

India wants to Lead on Solar Power

Andres Fuentes | November 30th, 2015

Prime Minister Modi announces the International Solar Alliance to help promote solar energy to over 100 potential countries. “This day is the sunrise of new hope. Not just for clean

Canadian Election Brings Hope for the Environment

Andres Fuentes | October 29th, 2015

Canada’s new government wants to restore the nations international and environmental reputation.

World Wide Concern For Climate Change

Andres Fuentes | June 8th, 2015

A majority of citizens believe governments should do whatever it takes to stay within the 2°C goal at the Paris negotiations.